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Soakers (five items, 2 oz or 4 oz each)


Five 2 oz (total 10 ounces) or five 4 ounce (total 20 ounces) portions.

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"Soakers" are all double duty.  The suggested use indicates an overnight soak in water.  After soaking the water is now colored and flavored and can be used to moisten any prepared/commercial diet items (ZooMed pellets for example) you use.  You don't loose any water soluble vitamins, and create more day to day variety.  Hibiscus is the most dramatic giving a deep red, while Rose Hips give a lighter shade.  HoneyBush smells very sweet and imparts a different red than hibiscus or rose hips.  Rooibos has an earthy floral smell, and a slight red to it. Cactus chips make the pellets smell like cactus with little color change. Using them more than one you can get color and flavor/smell combinations.

Cactus Chips are a 'backyard harvest' food and not organic sourced.

Double your purchase and save some $$.


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Soakers, Double your Soakers, save some $$


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