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Redfoots – Yellowfoots too


Redfoots and Yellowfoots too – Rose Hips, Graviola(Soursop), MarshMallow, Raspberry, and Rose petals c/s, 10 ounces total. Price includes shipping and taxes

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This selection is also suitable for Redfoot and Yellowfoot tortoises too.

A selection of dried organic sourced plant flowers and loose leaf items (Marshmallow, Raspberry, Rose Flowers c/s, Rose Hips, Soursop/Graviola) to increase nutrient density and fiber to grocery store greens or you backyard harvest.  Using different items on different days habituates the tortoise to a wide range of food items, so as availability changes from season to season or when a favorite grocery green is scare, your tortoise is ready for 'something different'.

Double your purchase and save some $$.

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Redfoots & Yellowfoots, Double your Redfoots & Yellowfoots, save some $$


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