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Fiber Flow


Five 2 ounce (total 10 ounces), or five 4 ounce (total 20 ounces) portions. Prices include shipping and taxes.

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Fiber serves the digestive track and nutrition of the tortoise in several way. These items cover a spectrum of taste, color, and texture & are soft and edible, the oat straw has NO little sticks, on a Dry Matter (DM) basis all of these items have a very high fiber content, the highest – Nettle has 64%, while the lowest – Alfalfa has 31%. The other tree items are Echinacea, Nettle, and Plantain. All of these items have other attributes, however this Variety Pack features high fiber.

Double your purchase and save some $$.

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Fiber Flow, Double your Fiber Flow, save some $$


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