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Barley Grass, a tortoise favorite, is readily available at Kapidolo Farms for Bonsall, California residents seeking top-quality tortoise food.

PM ORGANIC layer crumbles + optional Hibiscus and/or grasses


32 ounce and 64 ounce re-packaged bags with optional hibiscus for color and/or tortoise grass variety pack for needed fiber.

This is Purina Mills organic chicken layer crumbles. This food and earlier non-organic version of it have an 80 year recorded use as a tortoise food.  Best offered with grasses or other diet items that will increase fiber.  Often sold in a 35 pound sack at feed stores, Kapidolo Farms offers smaller more manageable portions.  The tortoise variety pack as an option here are the three small cut 4 ounce bags, oat, wheat, and barley.  If you opt to not include the options of hibiscus and/or grasses, I'll still include a one ounce sample size (my choice) so you can see your tortoise experience the difference.

Additional information

PM layer crumbles size

32 oz, 64 oz

Optional hibiscus

None, 2 oz, 4 oz

Optional Tortoise Grass Variety Pack

Yes ($29.99), No


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