Optimised 52 Tortoise Diet


Optimised Tortoise Diet – 250 gm /8.8 oz, 500 gm / 17.6 oz, or 1 Kg /35.2 oz, Taxes and shipping included in price.


A new product from Arcadia for tortoises and other herbivorous animals.  Pictured is the contents of a 250 gram bag fully (everything in the bag) displayed on a serving dish before moistened with water.  Also an image of the bag’s back label so you can see the information of contents.

250 gram bag is slightly over 8 ounces (8.8 oz)

500 gram bag is a little over 1 pound (17.6 oz)

1 kg bag is 2.2 pounds or (35.2 oz)

Additional information


1 kg / 35.2 oz, 250 gm / 8.8 oz, 500 gm / 17.6 oz


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