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Do you want to have a pet at home but are unsure which one to choose? Have you considered a pet tortoise? If you’re unsure about whether a pet tortoise is the right fit for you, you’ve come to the right place. At Kapidolo Farms, we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why you should consider getting a pet tortoise. If you find this information helpful, keep scrolling below to learn more.

Are Tortoises Good Pets?

Before heading to the pet shop to get your first pet tortoise, there are a few things you should do. First, conduct thorough research and planning. Assess whether your lifestyle is suitable for meeting the needs of a pet tortoise. Choosing a tortoise as a pet is not a decision to be taken lightly, as they have a long lifespan and specific daily requirements.

Tortoises make excellent pets because they don’t demand excessive attention. They are hypoallergenic, don’t shed, are quiet, and odorless. They have a long lifespan, which can range from 40 to 80 years or even up to 100 years depending on the species and the level of care they receive.

However, they are not suitable for those seeking short-term pets. Additionally, tortoises require ample outdoor space and a properly controlled climate within their enclosure to thrive.

Check out the reasons below why you must consider a pet tortoise. 

They don’t require too much space

Tortoises move at a slow pace and don’t need a large area to be active in. Unlike other pets like dogs and cats, they don’t require extensive space. Setting up an enclosure and an outdoor area where they can bask in the sunlight is sufficient.

They are low maintenance

Pet tortoises require less attention and care compared to other pets. For instance, young puppies or kittens need constant care until they reach 6 months old. On the other hand, tortoises simply need a secure enclosure where they can sleep.

Providing them with daily food and clean water is important. Additionally, setting up a UV light bulb, a hiding spot and a heat source to regulate their body temperature is necessary.

It’s important not to leave them unattended in a room as they may make a mess if they consider it their territory. Tortoises don’t require a lot of exercise like dogs do, as they don’t have the same energy levels and won’t develop behavioral problems if they don’t go for walks.

They are hypoallergenic

Many people with allergies struggle to have pets that shed fur, as pet dander can trigger allergic reactions. However, pet tortoises are a suitable option for those with allergies, as they do not have fur that sheds. Owning a tortoise means you won’t have to worry about allergy episodes, as they are hypoallergenic.

They are clean

Unlike furry pets, tortoises don’t create messes around the house. They don’t require the same level of cleaning and maintenance. While dogs may run around and get muddy, tortoises are content to stay inside their enclosure, keeping things neat and tidy.

Tortoises don’t smell

Unlike certain dog breeds that can have a distinct odor, tortoises do not emit any unpleasant smells that can permeate your home. You won’t have to worry about dealing with any strong or unpleasant odors when you have a pet tortoise so long as their enclosure is kept clean.

They are friendly

Tortoises are gentle and friendly creatures. Surprisingly, they have different personalities, with some preferring to stay in their enclosure while others are more active.

A very few tortoises enjoy being cuddled and spending time with their owners. Despite being reptiles, they are not devoid of emotions. They appreciate the companionship, love, and care provided by their owners.

You can even gently stroke their shells, which they enjoy. Just remember to be gentle and cautious so as not to startle them. Developing a bond with your tortoise through these interactions can be a rewarding experience.

They are quiet

Tortoises are quiet and won’t make noise while you’re sleeping. They tend to be shy and move slowly, making them a peaceful pet to have. Unlike dogs that can bark and howl loudly, tortoises won’t disturb your peace and quiet.

They are herbivores

Most tortoises are herbivores, but some species may also eat worms and insects. You can easily feed them with pellets from the Kapidolo Farms or provide them with a variety of vegetation such as grass, weeds, flowers, and leafy greens.

It’s important to ensure they have a well-balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs. Keep in mind that tortoises have a hearty appetite, so be prepared to keep their food supplies well-stocked.

They have a long lifespan

With proper care, tortoises can live for a long time compared to other pets. It’s crucial to provide them with the right environment, diet, and veterinary care. Avoid purchasing wild-caught tortoises as they may struggle to adapt to a different environment. Choosing a captive-bred tortoise ensures a healthier and happier pet with a longer lifespan.

If you’re considering getting a pet tortoise, it’s important to purchase one from a reputable shop. Avoid buying wild-caught tortoises as they may struggle to adapt to captivity.

At Kapidolo Farms, we are dedicated to providing the necessary supplies for the care of your pet tortoise. Whether you need food, diet items, or general supplies, we have you covered. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries you may have.

If you’re ready to welcome a pet tortoise into your life, make sure to prepare the essential supplies and food items. Look no further than Kapidolo Farms, where owner Will Espenshade, a Chelonian enthusiast, and biologist, ensures the highest quality products for tortoise care.

We offer shipping services throughout the USA, making it convenient for you to access our products. If you need assistance with tortoise care or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by calling 215-483-7675 or sending an email to We are excited to hear from you and assist you with your pet tortoise journey.


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