Tortoise Grass, barley, oat, wheat


Tortoise Grass includes 4 oz each of Oat, Barley, and Wheat grasses, 12 ounces total, all organic sourced. Price includes shipping and taxes.


All tortoises will eat grass, for some species it comprises much of their diet, though no tortoises is an exclusive grass eater. Grass has many important aspects for a tortoise diet, fiber content is high on the list.  These three grasses, oat, wheat and barley, have been milled to about 2mm or 1/16 of an inch.  Used at a modest rate for very small babies to using much more for large tortoises this is an ideal particle size.  No need to grind, cut or chop, the size is great for all your tortoises.  They are not ‘dusty’ when used.  All three are a very dark, rich green.


Bagged separately so you can alter the grass from one feeding to the next habituates your tortoise to variety.  You might also see one is favored over another.  One pound bags are available for each type.  There is also large piece oat grass available.  These are linked below.


*Sourced from USDA certified organic producers, this is entirely sourced from USA farmers.  My re-packing is done in a non-certified facility, so the term ‘organic’ may not appear on the primary label. I have not altered the integrity of these foods when re-packaged.

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