One 28 Watt Vivarium Electronics Radiant Heat Panel & I-Power thermostat combo


One 28 watt RHP, and one IPower GLHTMTControl thermostat. Price includes shipping and all taxes.

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Vivarium Electronics has designed this heat panel specifically around the needs of reptile users.
For Radiant Panels to work at their best we very strongly recommend a proportional thermostat.

Some of the features include: Can Not burn your animal-even if they touch it! Made from high impact glass reinforced Noryl. Detachable cord for easy installation. Attractive, sealed housing for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Ultra easy mounting-Stainless Steel screws included. Low profile-under 2″ thick. Thermal fuse protected. 6 foot power cord. Made in USA

These radiant heat panels MUST be used with a thermostat, a proportional thermostat will offer a smaller gradient from power up to power down. Some FAQs you should read.

Size: 28 watts 12 1/8″ x 9 1/4″ x 1.75″

There are some great features in the VE heat panels. Can’t burn your animal! Material doesn’t crack or fade. Easy to clean. Mounting screws included. Under 2 inches thick!

Lifetime Warranty can be found and acted upon at .

I-Power GLHTMT Control


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