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Oat Grass – large cut, milky oats


Oat Grass, milky oats, large cut (straw) – loose leaf, 8 oz – 16 oz. Price includes shipping and taxes.

All tortoises will eat grass, for some species it comprises much of their diet, though no tortoises is an exclusive grass eater. Grass has many important aspects for a tortoise diet, fiber content is high on the list.  Oat grass (Oat straw) is a good part of grass variety.  This Oat grass is a larger cut and suitable for tortoises greater than 50 grams.  It can be further softened in warm water to mix in with your fresh greens.

Oat grass has many potential benefits for tortoises. At Kapidolo Farms, I consider it a great inclusion in the diet for fiber and a balanced C:P ratio.

*Sourced from USDA certified organic producers.  My re-packing is done in a non-certified facility, so the term 'organic' may not appear on the primary label. I have not altered the integrity of these foods when re-packaged.

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8 oz, 16 oz


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