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Cactus Chips BYH – chips


Backyard harvested Opuntia Cactus – chips, 8 oz or 16 oz. Price includes shipping and taxes.

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The original Kapidolo Farms product, what started this overall product line - Quality foods for your pet tortoise.  Cactus Chips are dried piece of Opuntia ficus-indica dried and packaged, spine free (some glochids remain).  Two uses from one product.  Soak the chips to moisten and mix in with the other foods items for the day - use the soak water to moisten pellets/commercial foods to make a different odor/flavor than plain.

New selling system so production does not falls behind demand from people who buy on line.  I'll limit visible inventory to the amount already dried and packaged.  One pound and half pound bags available in this sales page, 2 and four ounce bags available in the 'build your own' and 'gel kits' in the Variety Pack sales tab.

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8 oz, 16 oz


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