One on One Pegs and Jokers, a HanMade game


One on One, made of pine. Includes everything you need in one packaged set. Shipping and taxes included in the listed price.


A version of the well know Pegs and Jokers game for two people. A fun game to share with friends, designed and crafted by my artist father, he said this about his efforts. “Hanmade is more than hanDmade, it’s my heart, passion and search for elements that come together as a unique piece. When buying hanmade, you’re buying my time, passion, and heart to create a unique piece that is personal to me. I am glad to share this with you. Your purchase is an affirmation to me that we share a common moment. Please enjoy.”

My father has been making these games and other wood crafts for decades.  Each set is slightly different, no two are identical. It’s what gets him up each day, planning what next needs to be made to complete a set.   Color to paint with, woods he has come across in his travels, and how past sets have livened a social moment.

Three different rule instructions are supplied with each set, so if you are already familiar with the game, you can see how others play it.

All single sets ship via USPS Priority mail.  Multiple sets shipped at the same time may be shipped via a ground carrier – if they do not fit in the pre-printed priority mail cardboard box.

Call William for a one on one chat at 267-250-3032 with any questions you may have regarding Pegs and Joker sets.


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